Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Event Planning

The unit teaches students the details of manaaging in order to plan, organize, implement and control a sports event.

Curriculum-Framing Questions

Essential Question
What does it mean “Everybody loves it when a plan comes together?”

Unit Questions
If you were planning a birthday party at a fast food restaurant for a six year boy old, what would you need to do to make sure that he had a great party?

Content Questions
Describe the planning process that management must use to run an organization.


  1. For grammar reasons you may want to change your first sentence to:
    "The unit teaches students the details of managing in order to plan, organize, implement, and control a sports event."
    I like the idea of event planning, but it may be helpful to have a unit question that relates to your students. I'm not sure how many students would want to plan for a six year old. They may be more intrigued by a party for themselves, friends, or a school event.

  2. This appears that it could be a real problem based learning unit. You might want to pick a real sports event and have students plan it. Another possible title might be "Sounds Like a Plan." Another possible EQ might be "Is it true if you fail to plan then you plan to fail?" Overall, it is a good start.